WebWallet API

An API specification for transaction clearing on the Web.


WebWallet is an API specification for transaction clearing on the Web. The specification is built around the concept of information about debts in the form of IOUs, and defines a publicly auditable data model in which all state transitions are driven by cryptographically signed messages that solve hash puzzles.


The design goal of WebWallet is to resemble the architecture of the World Wide Web, so that it can be easily integrated with the current infrastructure of web servers and web pages. This includes everything from being based on URLs and work over HTTP or WebSocket, to satisfying the constraints of the REST architectural style or the Richardson Maturity Model.


Transactions and IOUs are the building blocks of WebWallet. Most operations involve either creating transaction records in response to IOUs (e.g. defining units, modifying counts) or retrieving values from existing records (e.g. checking balances, transaction history). Accordingly, most API calls involve sending different payloads to the /transaction endpoint, or requesting specific properties from a /transaction/... record.

  • /transaction
      POST /transaction HTTP/1.1
      Host: wallet.example.com
      Body: {IOU}
  • /transaction/...
      GET /transaction/... HTTP/1.1
      Host: wallet.example.com

Getting Started

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